On this episode of The Scope podcast, we’re joined by Steve Miff, PhD, president and CEO of Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI), a leading, non-profit, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing organization affiliated with Parkland Health, one of the country’s largest and most progressive safety-net hospitals. Before joining the nonprofit world, Steve served as the General Manager of Sg2, a national advanced analytics and consulting business serving over 1,200 leading healthcare systems, and as the Senior Vice President of clinical strategy, population health, and performance management at VHA (Vizient Inc.) He also performed in various roles at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and St. Agnes Hospital System.

Steve earned his PhD and MS degrees in biomedical engineering and a BA in economics from Northwestern University. He has been an adjunct professor of biomedical engineering for more than five years and has authored more than 100 thought leadership, white papers, and peer-reviewed publications. Steve and PCCI’s work was featured in Time Magazine, NEJM, IHI, HealthLeaders, NPR, CBS, and NBC.

Spurred by his passion to use next-generation analytics and technology to help serve the most vulnerable and underserved residents, Steve and his team focus on leveraging technology, healthcare data science, and clinical expertise to obtain unique social-determinants-of-health data and incorporate those holistic, personal insights into point-of-care interventions.

Steve helps us understand more about technology, healthcare data, and the role they play in the advancement and sustainability of value-based care. He also shares what he sees on the horizon, and what excites him about the future of healthcare.


  • A deeper dive into Steve’s position that in order to effectively deploy value-based care and sustain it, we have to focus on health in addition to healthcare.
  • Identifying the first steps organizations need to take to begin building out healthcare data analytics and social infrastructure, and what the biggest challenges are along that path.
  • How data can be leveraged for the social determinants of health?
  • What excites Steve about the future of healthcare and specifically value-based care?
  • What is on the horizon at PCCI in this time of change in healthcare?

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