Carrie Nixon on advising healthcare innovators

carrie nixon on healthcare innovators

We’re joined by Carrie Nixon, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of healthcare innovation-focused Nixon Gwilt Law. She also serves as Special Advisor to Empactful Capital, a healthcare venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Carrie’s expertise lies in healthcare law and policy issues. She provides counseling in healthcare regulatory compliance matters and strategic advice regarding business models and healthcare transactions. Carrie also represents digital health companies and healthcare startups, along with hospitals and health systems, individual physicians and large physician groups, pharmacies, and post-acute care providers.

Carrie advises and advocates for her clients from every angle, using legal frameworks, business acumen, and a broad network of expertise and influence to achieve target outcomes.

On this episode, we’re chatting about how she helps healthcare innovators get off the ground, the mistakes she sees startups make, and what excites her on the healthcare horizon.

  • The biggest barriers when introducing innovative ideas into healthcare and how to surmount them
  • Breaking down the most common mistakes Carrie sees healthcare innovators and startups make when getting started
  • Her view on the role technology and innovative thinking have in value-based care models
  • Aspects of care delivery that need to be reevaluated and revolutionized
  • Healthcare innovation’s PR problem when it comes to winning over folks like health system and payer execs, and the best approach to selling innovation to those slow to accept or outright hesitant to change
  • What’s currently exciting Carrie in healthcare? What’s on the horizon that she finds the most promising
  • Where she sees the most need for change and fresh ideas in healthcare

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