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The Scope Podcast

What Procedures are Physicians Performing In-Office?

One could make the argument that physician’s offices and clinics have always seen, to varying degrees, procedures performed therein. But in terms of modern medicine, surgeries and other procedures have taken place in office and clinic-based surgical suites since the 1970s, and with increasing regularity since the 1980s. Today, tens of millions of procedures are…


SonarMD COO Beth Houck on Technology’s Role in Value-Based Care

Smart devices continue to evolve how we interface with our world. In few places is that more profoundly felt than in healthcare, where communication with providers and access to information is now at our fingertips on-demand. SonarMD is a virtual, personalized tool designed to assist those with Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis track and monitor their…

Value-Based Care Companies Who Do VBC the Right Way

Value-based care is an approach to healthcare that aims to improve the quality of care and outcomes, reduce costs, and boost overall population health. But since “value-based care” is often bandied about as a buzzword to entice and comfort patients without really being implemented, we’re shining a spotlight on a few value-based care companies who…