About The Scope

The Scope is the premier online media source for physicians, insurers and all medical stakeholders interested in learning about the future of in-office and clinic-based surgical suites, the third site of service.

We’re Revolutionizing Healthcare

We introduce and spread new ideas to the medical community. We educate the industry on implementing surgical suites as well as feature experts and thought leaders who are leading the way toward value-based care.

At The Scope, we have three goals we strive for:

  1. Give back control to physicians and patients: We promote the success of implementing in-office and clinic-based surgical suites as a big part of revolutionizing the medical industry and putting the control of healthcare back into the hands of patients and physicians.
  2. Movement toward value-based care: The future of medicine is value-based care. The Scope promotes innovation toward that goal through quality content that educates, supports and inspires.
  3. Pushing the industry forward: We believe in taking a leadership role in supporting and empowering all medical stakeholders to take vital steps toward the future so we can all push our industry forward.