Roy Bejarano on the Future of Healthcare and Emerging Value-Based Care Models

On this episode of The Scope, we are talking with Roy Bejarano. Roy is the Co-Founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare, a healthcare consulting group that focuses on optimizing management teams for growth and sustainability. In this role, Roy is particularly focused on Management Service Organizations (MSO) and practice level operations as well as broad strategic and competitive dynamics across the country’s healthcare services landscape.  

Prior to SCALE, Roy served as Physicians Endoscopy’s Chief Strategy Officer & Co-President of Physicians Endoscopy’s MSO initiative. He is a frequent author of articles on healthcare industry trends and operational insights that have been published in leading healthcare journals such as Physicians Practice, EndoEconomics, Becker’s, and ASC Focus.  

On this episode, we chat about the biggest opportunities and challenges facing healthcare companies and physician groups today along with what the future might hold. We also talk about some exciting value-based care models and what other dynamic initiatives and disrupting forces can significantly change the healthcare landscape for the better. 

Highlights from our episode with Roy Bejarano include: 

  1. Roy’s career journey and the inflection points that led him to where he is today. We also talk about how his dedication to what he does has left a significant imprint on the industry.  
  2. What the catalyst was in starting SCALE and how SCALE differs from other healthcare management and consulting companies. 
  3. The biggest requests clients have had of Roy and his team today. 
  4. Roy’s thoughts on the bigger challenges in the industry and how he envisions those being overcome and viewed instead as opportunities. 
  5. What Roy believes the future of the healthcare industry will look like and what we should all be prepared for as it evolves. 
  6. Roy’s view on the role CMS/government, private payors, physicians, and patients will play in building a better healthcare system down the road. 
  7. His thoughts on the term “value-based care” and how it continues to be brought up as the key to better healthcare. 
  8. The dynamic and innovative leaders or organizations Roy sees as helping to solve some of the industry’s most important challenges. 

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