Mark Gridley on Differentiating Patient Care

On this episode of The Scope, we are joined by Mark Gridley. Mark has over thirty years of healthcare experience, including being an Administrator and Market Executive with Aurora Medical Group before moving on to FHN Memorial Hospital where he was the Vice President of Physician Affairs and then Chief Operating Officer. He is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of FHN overseeing the provision of an integrated delivery system of care. 

We’re discussing the state of today’s healthcare industry, and what life is like for CEO’s trying to lead and care for their hospitals, staff, and communities. We also touch on industry challenges and how they impact the future of hospitals, physicians, and patients. Finally, we dive into how value-based care and other initiatives can improve things for everyone in the healthcare system.  


Episode topics include: 

  1. The professional journey that led Mark to where he is today, and what motivates him in his career as a leader in a prominent health system. 
  2. Mark describes a day in his life as CEO and President of FHN. 
  3. How Mark is working to differentiate FHN and its patient care over the next few years. 
  4. What Mark sees as significant challenges for the industry and how they can be overcome. 
  5. What the future of the healthcare industry looks like to Mark and how we should be prepared as it evolves. 
  6. His view on the role CMS/government and private payors play in a better healthcare system. 
  7. Mark’s thoughts on value-based care and what it means to him. 
  8. Mark highlights out-of-the-box leaders and organizations that are helping to solve some of the industry’s significant challenges and answer the bell regarding value-based care.

To follow along with Mark Gridley and what he is doing at FHN, find him on LinkedIn.

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