Dr. Jim Dan on What the Healthcare Industry Needs to do to “Survive and Thrive”

Joining us today on The Scope is Dr. Jim Dan. Dr. Dan is a Board-certified internist and geriatrician along with being the former President of DuPage Medical Group and past President of Advocate Medical Group, both in Illinois. He is now on the Board of Directors of Beacon Medical Group and continues to be active in the healthcare community.
Jim Dan Beacon Medical

Today, we’re chatting about value-based care and the different approaches and challenges of organizations to make it a part of their strategic plan moving forward.

Highlights include:

  1. Dr. Dan’s interesting career journey that spans from the largest independent physician group in Illinois to one of the largest hospital systems in Illinois and the key takeaways that apply to both?
  2. How physician groups and hospital systems are looking at the future of the industry and what will challenge them on their path.  
  3. His views on how COVID impacted the future plans for each.
  4. How do we sacrifice short-term gains for the better of the industry and his thoughts on the progress have we made up to this point.
  5. Who will “survive and thrive” in the future of the industry as it evolves.
  6. And finally, we discuss who the change agent is that will make these necessary changes possible.

And he reminds us of a lesson we all will do well to remember: nothing great is easy.

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