Chris O’Connell on Transforming Healthcare through Innovation

On this episode of The Scope, we’re talking with Chris O’Connell. Chris is a Senior Advisor at New Mountain Capital and the Executive Chairman at Covaris, a leader in advanced biomolecule extraction technology.  

Because of Chris’s direct experience with the changing healthcare landscape, he remains passionate about innovation in healthcare to enable patients to get the proper care and in the right place at the right time. 

Chris opens up about the most significant opportunities and challenges facing healthcare today and what the future might hold. We also discuss some exciting value-based care models and what other dynamic initiatives are beginning to gain some significant steam. 

Highlights from our episode with Chris O’Connell include:   

  1. Chris’s career journey and the significant inflection points that led him to where he is today. 
  2. Some lessons Chris has learned from seeing things through different career lenses.  
  3. What about today’s healthcare landscape excites Chris the most.  
  4. The companies Chris is involved with that exemplify where value-based care is going.  
  5. What some of the other considerable industry challenges are and how he sees them overcome.  
  6. What the future of the healthcare industry looks like to Chris and how we should be prepared as it evolves.  
  7. Chris’s thoughts on current obstacles with staffing shortages, reimbursement, legislation, and patient preference – and how that puts pressure on the industry to evolve. 
  8. The additional dynamic, innovative leaders or organizations Chris sees as helping solve some of the industry’s significant challenges.

To follow along with Chris O’Connell and what he is doing with New Mountain Capital, follow him on LinkedIn.

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