Dr. Eric Weaver on advancing health value

dr eric weaver of the institute for advancing health value

We’re excited to be joined by Dr. Eric Weaver, who is nationally recognized for his work in primary care transformation and value-based care. He is the Executive Director of the Institute for Advancing Health Value (IAHV), a nonprofit organization established by former HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt and former CMS Administrator Dr. Mark McClellan to accelerate the value-based care readiness of healthcare organizations

Dr. Weaver has an extensive executive leadership track record with physician-led ACOs and risk-bearing entities, including roles as President and CEO of Integrated ACO and SVP for Innovista Health Solutions. He was recognized as the ACHE “Young Healthcare Executive of the Year” and the Modern Healthcare “Up & Comers” Award in recognition of his work in value-based care.  Dr. Weaver holds a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration from Texas State University and a Doctor of Healthcare Administration degree from the Medical University of South Carolina.

On this episode, we discuss the health value and what Dr. Weaver and the IAHV organization have been doing on that front to improve the industry. We also touch on the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the healthcare today along with what the future might hold. Last, we dive deeper into some exciting value-based care initiatives and projects that are leading the way towards a better healthcare tomorrow.

  • Dr. Weaver discusses his career journey and the inflection points that were the foundation for it.
  • ACO and risk-focused organizations: his experience and how the clinical and financial models differ from the fee-for-service and former business models of health systems and physician practices.
  • Digging deep on the origins and mission of the IAHV and the healthcare they have been focusing on the most.
  • Dr. Weaver’s thoughts on value-based care and where it is headed.
  • Where he is looking to focus your health value efforts short and long-term.
  • What the future of the healthcare industry look likes and what should we all be prepared for as it evolves?
  • Change in healthcare in the face of additional forces – such as staffing shortages, reimbursement, legislation, and patient preference – that are putting pressure on it to evolve. Will the system be forced to adapt, or do you see the influential powers (i.e. payors, systems, government, big pharma) digging in to prevent massive industry evolution?
  • What dynamic and innovative leaders or organizations are helping solve some of the industry’s significant challenges and answer the bell regarding value-based care?

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