Digital Diagnostics’ Seth Rainford on AI Diagnostics’ Ability to Increase Access to Care

Seth Rainford Digital Diagnostics

Joining us today on The Scope is Seth Rainford. Seth is the President & COO of Digital Diagnostics, a pioneering Artificial Intelligence diagnostics company on a mission to transform the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare for patients globally.

On the cutting edge of the industry, Seth and Digital Diagnostics are leading the way on the innovation front by providing a value-based care technology solution that the industry needs more than ever.

Prior to this, Seth was an Executive with LabCorp and Northwestern Medicine, leading their sales growth and operations. He grew both into market leaders through a quality and resource-driven structure that is still thriving today years after his departure. Seth has been a sought-after healthcare leader that I have been fortunate enough to know for several years and we all cannot wait to see what he does next.

On today’s episode, we’re going to chat about healthcare technology and its place in the future of the industry and value-based care. We will also talk about artificial intelligence and the amount of new companies and investments in this area, and why it will be a necessary disruptor and pillar of the healthcare’s system survival. We will touch upon the physicians’ response to innovation like this and how it will improve their work and patient care. Lastly, we will discuss how all of this will change the patient’s access to care, convenience, costs, and experience.  

Highlights include:

  1. Given all the firms out there in the AI and tech space, what drew Seth to join Digital Diagnostics?
  2. Why Artificial Intelligence technology is now the hottest area for healthcare start-ups and investment and how it impacts patients’ access to care, especially in healthcare deserts.
  3. How they work with physicians and patients to get comfortable having AI make medical decisions.
  4. Who Seth sees as the players who are aligned on innovation and forward-thinking in making transformative care, like Digital Diagnostics, available and possible.
  5. How COVID illuminated the need for high-quality specialist access to care.
  6. Where Seth sees the industry as a whole heading and his advice for people trying to prove the value-based care model.

I invite you to follow Seth Rainford to hear more of his insights on this industry. If you’re interested in learning about Digital Diagnostics, follow along with their progress here

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