Roberta Schwartz on How to Prepare for Healthcare’s Future

Roberta Schwartz Houston Methodist Hospital

On this episode of The Scope, we’re joined by Roberta Schwartz, the Chief Innovation Officer of Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. In her role as the innovation leader of the hospital system, Roberta prioritizes excellence in clinical care, research and innovation through technology, data, and creativity. Roberta has enjoyed an over 20-year career at Houston Methodist where she started as a healthcare consultant and business development leader and has risen to an Executive Vice President position in addition to her CIO title. On top of all of Roberta’s professional success, she also took time out to get her Master’s and PhD in Healthcare Administration and Management.

On today’s episode, we chat about innovation in healthcare, what that means for health systems and communities today, how it ties to value-based care and what we can expect from the industry’s biggest influencers when it comes to leading us into the future.

Highlights from our episode with Roberta Schwartz include:

  1. How furthering her education has helped shape her as a modern healthcare leader.
  2. The inflection points and milestones that led Roberta to her executive role as the innovation leader of one of the most prominent Texas health systems.
  3. What the top priorities and objectives of a Chief Innovation Officer are and how they reflect a health system’s vision for the future.
  4. Big differentiator projects that are poised to establish Houston Methodist as a leader in patient care.
  5. What the future of the healthcare industry looks like and what should we all be prepared for as it evolves.
  6. The role CMS/government and private payors have to play in a better healthcare system down the road.
  7. What the biggest challenges in the industry are today and how Roberta sees those being overcome.
  8. Her thoughts on “value-based care” and whether it is an industry savior or a lot of hype.
  9. Highlighting out-of-the-box leaders and organizations helping solve some of the healthcare industry’s most significant challenges.

To follow along with Roberta Schwartz and what she’s doing at Houston Methodist Hospital, follow her on LinkedIn here.

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