Kelly Macken-Marble on Overcoming Industry Challenges

On this episode of The Scope, we are joined by Kelly Macken-Marble. Kelly is the CEO of The South Bend Clinic and Unity Physicians Hospital. Prior to her current roles, she was an executive at CentraCare Health and North Memorial Health Care leading their ambulatory services and population health initiatives. Kelly has more than 26 years of experience in ambulatory practice management, with 15 of those years leading an integrated care delivery system.  

We discuss how groups like South Bend Clinic continue to grow and deliver quality service to their community while also differentiating themselves from hospital systems. Also we cover how South Bend Clinic shines when it comes to value-based care and what future initiatives they have planned. Finally, Kelly shares her insights on the future of the industry, what patients and physicians can expect from it, and how we can overcome some of the biggest industry challenges we are facing today and down the road. 

Highlights from our episode with Kelly Marken-Marble include:

  1. Kelly’s experience and forward-thinking approach to ambulatory services and population health and key milestones along the way. 
  2. What led to her roles at The South Bend Clinic and Unity Physicians Hospital. 
  3. How The South Bend Clinic has differentiated itself in the community and within growing hospital-based systems. 
  4. The latest on a new partnership with Duly Health in Illinois and what that will allow the organization to do. 
  5. How large physician groups are looking at the future of the industry given all the consolidation – including hospitals and insurance carriers employing more physicians. 
  6. What Kelly’s future vision is for value-based care within her organization. 
  7. What challenges lie ahead for the industry and specifically physician groups. 
  8. How Kelly uses challenges to create opportunities for improvement. 
  9. Who Kelly feels should be at the forefront in leading efforts to solving the industry’s most significant challenges.

To follow along with Kelly Macken-Marble and what she’s doing at South Bend Clinic, follow her on LinkedIn.

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