Dr. Larry Kosinski on Transforming the Delivery of Care Through VBC

Dr. Larry Kosinski

Joining us today on The Scope is SonarMD’s founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Larry Kosinski. SonarMD is a role model for innovative value-based care organizations with its web-based patient engagement platform which has decreased hospitalization rates for patients with inflammatory bowel disease. This has saved patients and the healthcare system millions of dollars along with valuable time, resources, and unnecessary emotional and physical distress.

Prior to SonarMD, Dr. Kosinski led a very successful, nationally known, gastroenterology practice in the Chicago suburbs which he continues to be a managing partner of today. On top of all of that, Dr. Kosinski has been on several boards of national medical societies and built a strong relationship with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois whose venture fund financially supported the launch of SonarMD.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Kosinski on given his track record, reputation, and passion for improving the future of healthcare and the patient experience. He is a remarkable physician leader that is transforming the delivery of care.

On today’s episode, we’re going to chat about value-based care, physicians’ and patients’ outlook on it, the future of the industry, and how SonarMD is at the forefront of improving the patient experience and quality of care while saving the industry millions.

Today’s episode with Dr. Kosinski covers:

  1. Dr. Kosinski’s entrepreneurial journey and where his passion and motivation for it came from.
  2. How other physicians look at the future of the industry. Do they have the same motivation to be a part of the necessary change and leading other value-based care models?
  3. The term “value-based care” and how it is used over and over again in today’s industry, but no one has clearly defined what it is. Dr. Kosinski tells us his take on it.
  4. How Dr. Kosinski sees the patient fitting into the value-based care equation.
  5. SonarMD seems to be a perfect example of value-based care: they improve care and the patient experience while saving money. Dr. Kosinski tells us about his work and vision for the future.
  6. Additional value-based care initiatives Dr. Kosinski and/or SonarMD are looking into.
  7. BCBS’ venture fund is the financial supporter of SonarMD. The payors need to be a major part of value-based care. Since SonarMD has the ideal model of having BCBS as a key partner and supporter, he tells us about the relationship and how it evolved.
  8. How COVID impacted the industry and the future of SonarMD.
  9. Dr. Kosinski shares the other innovative leaders or organizations that are helping solve some of the industry’s challenges.

Thanks again to the remarkable Dr. Larry Kosinski of SonarMD for joining us on today’s podcast. For more about what the company is up to, follow them here on LinkedIn or here to connect with Dr. Kosinski.

If you know of any innovative healthcare leaders who are promoting the future of value-based care, and think they’d be a great fit for the podcast, drop us a note here.

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