Walmart Health SVP Dr. David Carmouche on How to Get the Industry on Board

The Scope podcast graphic for episode with Walmart health SVP DR. David Carmouche

On this episode of The Scope, we’re speaking with Dr. David Carmouche. When we recorded, David was Ochsner Health’s Executive VP of Value-based Care and Network Operations and the President of Ochsner Health Network. He is now the Senior Vice President of Omnichannel Care Offerings at Walmart Health. Clearly, he is a visionary leader who is at the head table in value-based care conversations.

We’re rolling up our sleeves for an honest chat about value-based care. David is a physician leader with rare experience serving in multiple, complex environments as a doctor formerly leading a preventive cardiology practice, a former Chief Medical Officer and EVP of External Operations at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. A graduate of Tulane University, LSU medical school, and internships, and ultimately Chief Resident at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, he brings one of the rarest toolkits of experiences from all sides of the values-based care perspective.

We dive into David’s expertise in designing and delivering alternative value-based healthcare payment models to impact large populations, where others have struggled. He’s a transformational change agent, a leading national advocate/spokesperson for the ACO model, and has walked the talk, building ecosystems to control healthcare costs.

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How organizations can go all-in with value-based care by holding themselves accountable and why organizations need to have a belief that there’s as much a financial interest in value as there is in their historical business.
  • How Dr. Carmouche sees the patient fitting into the value-based care equation and how they communicate that to patients.
  • What other challenges lie ahead for physicians, patients, and systems.
  • Lastly, we discuss the Value Summit that Ochsner and Dr. Carmouche hosted to brings leaders from the payer, provider, and employer sectors together. There, they talk about the more controversial pieces of VBC and how to come together on these topics.

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