Curt Davis on Healthcare Evolution

AllaraCare CEO Curt Davis joins us to discuss the state of healthcare, improving patient experience, and the necessary evolution of insurance.
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On today’s episode of The Scope, we’re joined by Curtis Davis. Curt has over 30 years of leadership experience in starting, developing, and commercializing technology-based businesses. His interest in getting involved in innovative companies that make a significant impact on the community led him to take the position as CEO of AllaraCare. AllaraCare helps patients, providers and employers take back the practice of healthcare without the nonsense imposed by insurance-driven systems. He believes patients should have accessible, affordable and transparent care.

Curt has started and led businesses from concept to success, raised more than $40M in venture capital and private funding, and was nominated for CEO of the year by the New York Stock Exchange in 2007. Along with running tech startups, Curt is a Vistage chair and leadership development coach that mentors CEO’s and business leaders to optimize their personal and professional growth and futures.

We chat about the state of healthcare today, how the industry can improve patient care, services and support at a lower cost, and how the insurance market needs to evolve for the betterment of everyone. We also discuss the industry’s challenges and where the influence and leadership will come from to overcome these issues.


  • Curt’s fascinating professional journey and the major milestones that led him to his current position.
  • As the head of several successful startups in highly competitive and challenging industries, such as healthcare and tech, Curt elaborates on what helped him overcome the adversity and hurdles these areas face.
  • To better understand the challenges and opportunities AllaraCare is facing today, Curt describes his day-to-day role as CEO and his top objectives as the leader of a growing organization.
  • Curt highlights the biggest projects AllaraCare is working on today to improve patient’s access to care and information as well as keeping costs transparent.
  • Curt shares his thoughts on the biggest challenges it faces today and how he sees those being overcome.
  • A big-picture view on the role CMS/government and private payors have to play in a better healthcare system down the road.
  • Giving physicians and patients a realistic expectation when it comes to their future place in the healthcare industry given how things are changing.

To follow along with Curt Davis and what he is doing at AllaraCare, find him on LinkedIn.

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