Increasing Access to Healthcare

What kind of healthcare access do we want for our future? As Ambulatory Management Solutions Chief Clinical Officer Heather Fallon, RN points out, access expands when we look beyond hospitals to offices, clinics, and “big box” facilities that provide an equal quality of care with added convenience for patients and providers at a fraction of the cost to the healthcare system.

Patient Safety Comes First

No matter where your medical procedure is undertaken, safety should always be priority number one. As Dr. David Mayer, Executive Director of the MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety explains, with procedures continuing to migrate out of hospitals, we’re seeing ambulatory facilities, from ASCs to physician offices, following strict, agreed-upon approaches to infection prevention, procedure prep, and recovery and proving equally-safe, often at a fraction of the cost.

The Importance of Cost Transparency

Patients, physicians, and payers all benefit from cost transparency in healthcare, so why is it elusive? Ambulatory Management Solutions COO Tina Mentz breaks down exactly how making patients aware of their options translates to real savings for the overall healthcare system.